Born Caroleen Nqobile Masawi and known on stage as MASA, is a fast rising Zimbabwean singer and songwriter. Her unique approach to her art has created songs traversing between genres but deeply rooted in her african heritage.

Before starting her own band, MASA, was the lead singer for the Sunsets jazz band from which she grew and got the motivation to embark on a solo career.

Masa's sultry voice coupled with lyrics and experiences drawn from different aspects of life makes her one to watch out for as she brings a performance full of life and quite infectious,



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Our entertainment editor defines Caroleen Masawi now known as Masa as an 'engaging' singer. Masa made her debut appearance at the Book Café with an out-of-this-world performance and has gone on to set the music scene ablaze. Masa can play the guitar on a jazzy-soul tip accompanied by her raspy vocals and she is sure on her way to making some beautiful music.



'Natural Hair' Bringing Women Together In Art'  

May 04, 2016 By Peggie Shangwa 

The Beat Goes On is a term made popular by Sonny and Cher’s composition in 1967 and on the 22nd of April 2016 three song birds gathered together to Bring the Beat to Harare at Alliance Francaise. As 

guests arrived for the show set to start at 7:30 you could feel the excitement and eager anticipation of each one to see what was in store. And the Ladies did not disappoint. 

 The hostess for the night was yours truly, popularly known as Umind?! A Christian writer, singer, speaker, MC and Spoken word artist. Who also opened with a one piece set titled Beat Goes on which was a fusion of music and poetry a tribute to the Evening. 

Umind?! performing spoken word 

Eve Kawadza affectionately known by fans as E.K opened up the show with a riveting set that took her audience with her into a World where beat sits stitching you mystery in songs from love to wisdom nuggets whilst beckoning you to take a stroll on the dance floor. Garisanai the single she recently released was a hit with the audience. Quoting Wadzanai Chiuriri (Black Pearl) a member in the audience and an artist in her own right “Eve set the bar high and the standard was really good from the start. I couldn’t wait to see how the other two ladies would do” E.K shined managing to keep fans engaged all through her set. 

Eve Kawadza 

Talking to E.K later on about her experience before and after The Beat Goes on Concert she said “I 

get so nervous before a big Show and TBGO was quite major for me. I didn’t know what to expect. We were selling tickets and I just prayed and hoped for a good show. The Concert was a smashing 

success and I totally had a blast. It was way beyond my expectations. Now I am a strong believer in 

collaborations. Working with Emilia Patrick and Masa is actually my highlight for 2016 so far. I am 

looking forward to doing more with them and next time will be bigger, better and more explosive.” Having seen her in Action we promise fans to bank on it. 

Next on the line up was Emilia Patrick who specializes in alternative jazz and R&B. A small town girl who brings the definition of Big into all she touches. There is nothing small about her. Her set was upbeat and captivated her audience into singing along. 

Emilia Patrick performing 

Groove spoke to her and got and the lovely songbird had this to say, “When we all decided to come together for 'The beat Goes On' concert I was thrilled, excited and also very nervous because women generally cannot work together for unknown reasons .However, we started planning the show and getting our Photo shoot done, which was amazing especially because, we all had our natural hair out. For me that was a bold statement, to stand tall as beautiful as we were in our own skin and represent the natural hair revolution, joining forces to achieve one goal .We all managed to do everything that was assigned to us and still keep our cool. I had a great experience at the show especially the finale where we came together as one unit. A lot of people may not know this but most of the things we did in the final set were not rehearsed ,but we nailed it .I wouldn't change anything, the audience and ambiance was just perfect .I loved every moment of it .I hope to one day  not only share a stage with these inspirational women , but rather come together as a unit to write a song that will inspire other African women especially Zimbabwean women ,to be proud of themselves and to give a helping hand to their sisters ,to support each other and work together to make a better peaceful Zimbabwe.” 

Masa performing 

Last to step on the stage was Masa with the audience chanting her name. Her set was soulful as is her brand of Afro soul. She had audiences singing along and dancing from the beginning to the end of her set. Nzelo was a popular amongst fans on the night as she sang of Pay days and pay checks stuff everyone could relate with. She serenaded fans into intimate moments where beat convinced each to sway or sing along. 

Groove talked to her later on and this is what she had to say “When we started planning for this 

show it was all just an idea and the preparations were difficult but because we put our hearts and 

minds into it, our hard work paid off. 'The Beat Goes On' represents women who pursue their dreams 

in a society where they are expected to fit into the known box, women who can do it all. Hence we 

dubbed it 'The Beat Goes On'. Working with Eve Kawadza and Emilia Patrick for this show was one of my star moments of the year and I can’t wait for the next TBGO Concert which will be bigger and 

better.” Again we will urge fans to watch out for this. 

The three came together in their last segment to tease fans with songs that had everyone on their feet to the point that no one wanted to go home when this set was done, to the end that they had to do extra songs to appease their fans. It was almost as if the 3 held the audience spell bound. The atmosphere was electric, alone they caused a spark but together they threatened a detonation of fireworks that will start a Beat and Music Revolution. It’s safe to say Zimbabwe is set to be shaken but The World must wait its turn because soon these ladies are set to blow the world with their solid performances but also the connection and flow that they managed to maintain throughout the evening. 

I am Convinced that The Beat Goes On and will not face extinction anytime soon and it’s Safe to trust it into the hands of these three. Eve Kawadza, Emilia Patrick and Masa hats off to you, impress us again. This is G Scene signing out!