We came to one conclusion, Masa Caroleen is nothing else but an Afro music beast on the rise.”



Masa Caroleen is an Afro-fusion female artist that captures moments through the words and melodies of songs she shares with the world to enjoy. Having begun her creative journey in Harare, Zimbabwe writing poetry, at the age of 15 she turned to music and inevitably set foot onto the local stage and then the regional stage. The Intwasa Festival Women Wine and Words (ZIM) which she headlined for two consecutive years (2018, 2019), the Okavango Music Festival In Maun Botswana (2019) as well as the Ugandan Nyege Nyege Festival (2020), Jacaranda Music Festival (ZIM), Harare International Festival of Arts (ZIM) and Shoko Festival (ZIM) In 2021 The Bulawayo Arts Festival  saw her performing as well.Masa also curates her on shows which are always fully subscribed ,The recently held Masa One Night Only show was held in the Harare 2022  these  are a few of the stages on which Masa has shared her culture through song.  

A soulful dreamy voice coupled with her electrifying stage presence have allowed Masa Caroleen a way to challenge social norms. Her debut album Pamusoroi released in 2019 was a body of work that shared intimate thoughts about her Southern African heritage while challenging listeners to question aspects of everyday life often taken for granted. Pamusoroi in her native language means ‘excuse me’  and the title track alongside tracks such as Mazhet, for which DJ Fresh (SA) and DJ Shona (SA) later remixed, commanded an audience staying on top charts of local radio stations. Masa Caroleen has proved herself to be a versatile artist working with acts such as Mark Madzinga, Mwenje Mathole, St Emmo, Munatsi and The Apex in her capacity as a singer, song writer or both her latest work being co writer on the Animation series The Tale of Stavo launched August 2022 

With a passion for women and children, Masa uses the influence her music career has awarded her to advocate for children’s education rights in addition to supporting the development of women in the Zimbabwean music sector. Following her studies in Music she has begun to mentor and support other upcoming  artists in an effort to allow for a smoother transition into the music industry.

Quickly becoming one of the leading music stars in Zimbabwe.”

Michael Shoko

Listening to Masa , you cannot help but sway to her addictive music ”

Zimbo Jam Network

However, it was when people like singer Masa Caroleen graced the stage and tore the roof off. Not many knew her at the beginning of the night, but at the end, they were left in awe after watching her perform”

Bongani Ndlovu-Chronicle


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